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"Our true passion is
to bring dreams to life."

Integral building design

We design new buildings (villas, apartment buildings, hotels, event rooms, restaurants, etc) and restructure/modify existing buildings, building survey, architectural design, structure, facilities, and project management

Interior partitioning project

With a vast experience gained in Italy while paying great attention to space optimization and flows, we design the optimal interior partitioning for homes, offices, and hotels.

Interior Design

After a thorough knowledge of the wishes and tastes of our clients, we design the interior design of the desired environments by choosing furniture, lights, decorative elements, materials, colors, accessories while paying great attention to detail and feasibility of the proposal.

Finished Projects
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Beppe works with the eyes of an artist

“I have been working with the architect Labianca for about 10 years. I have a prestigious real estate division and Beppe understood exactly, quickly and accurately what I want and found a way to fit both into my preferences and the not always generous budgets I have allocated - however, I rest assured I made no mistake ``. Beppe works with the eyes of an artist, shows entrepreneurial skills, and is extremely creative. My projects on the Cote d'Azur or Costa del Sol would not shine without Labianca's architectural touch. I recommend him to all those who seek excellence and architectural art.”
Mihai Craiu

The gift of good taste and beauty

The Italians have the gift of good taste and beauty from Mother Nature. If you add education and experience you have the 1st place at a great distance from the 2nd place in terms of design, art, architecture, and ``Bella vita``.
Mihai Lala

Such a great architect!

“Such a great architect! Beppe immediately understood my taste and my needs showing great professionalism. He transformed my loft giving me the joy and happiness of living in it. I will always be grateful to him as he is truly brilliant. I highly recommend Beppe as I have confidence you will be more than happy with his work”
Sabrina Bertaccini

A blessing for our family

“Our meeting with Beppe was a blessing for our family and the results were amazing! Beppe has that sense of capturing the essence of your personality and turning your vision into reality! He is a reliable, very professional, creative and remarkable person. We could not have had a better and more satisfying relationship!”
Iulia și Adrian Nedelcu

Patience, professionalism and creativity

“The relationship with Beppe grew year after year, project after project, until he went beyond the professional relationship and a friendship was created, in which the collaboration was and is a very good one. His ability to listen to my wishes, to understand and to translate them into projects, with patience, professionalism and creativity, together with his ability to optimise spaces, with attention to detail and interior design, regardless of the style chosen, are the basis of a relationship of appreciation and trust based on which we achieve our projects.”
Sorin Anghel

Has great empathy

“The architect Labianca has great empathy which enables him to perfectly understand his client's wishes. He is extremely professional, organized, and surrounded by a team always rising to the level of clients' expectations. He successfully helped me achieve what I had in mind, in a clear and transparent way. I highly recommend him”

A successful recipe

“The collaboration with Beppe is a natural one because from the client's perspective we were always looking for a supplier who could understand the harmony and dynamics of the living spaces. The creativity, adaptability and pragmatism of the entire team stood as a successful recipe for our projects”
Florin Nitulescu

A turn-key project, without any hassle

“A good example in so many areas of expertise. I've been working with Beppe for a long time. I really like that what he presents in his 3D simulations is exactly what he delivers in truth. What you see in his plan and images is exactly what he is building.
It is very important that he brings a complete solution: he takes on complete responsibility and discusses with each manufacturer about the materials and with each worker involved in the process while the client receives a turn-key project, without any hassle.”
Vasile Armenean

Made our dream come true

“When we bought the house, the only thing we wanted to keep was the kitchen furniture, a very shabby, cream-colored and a very old one! We wanted someone to create the entire design of the house around the kitchen furniture concept! Beppe successfully accomplished that and made our dream come true! It is by far the warmest and most welcoming home!
Thank you,”
Connect-R & Misha

Great professionalism

“Many thanks to my friend Architect Beppe Labianca for the great professionalism and vision he showed in carrying out the beautiful project of the house where I can truly appreciate the passage of the time in architecture and design that transforms the whole environment into the perfect one for living.”
M. S.


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Oradea House


Herastrau Concept Building


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Pipera Villa

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